AHHC (Hardcore Demo)

by Alex Hardy

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A demo of the hardcore solo project by Alex Hardy written and recorded in the 2014-2015 year.


released March 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Alex Hardy Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Useless
Forwards and Backwards unable to choose
Wont make your own mind cause you know you will lose
Come here and listen and you'll know its true
want my honest opinion? here it is FUCK YOU

at the end of the day
what difference did it make
why should I waste the effort
when other ever fucking matters

(fucking troglodyte)

FUCK your ignorance
I DONT HAVE the patience
CORRUPT your innocence
Track Name: Wait for it...
hats important to me can't be measured in money
got my priorities set on something inside me
I see the disease I won't let it infect me
the symptoms of greed so elect me regret me

Destroy your Doubt
Your luck runs out
I'm not your friend
Track Name: Hardcase
The center doesn't hold

(Don't let the?) surface within because I walk a fine line
between simple and sin and I can't decide
I've been riding the fence but I've made my mind
I don't have to jump down to live my life

The center doesn't hold, at least thats what I've been told
Theres no hope for a happy end for those who stand close to the edge

Dead in the eyes I see through your discuss
under the mask where reality hides
building their teams and infecting their dreams
one side of givers the other of thieves
you infect them with ease like a fucking disease
hey waling dude don't point your finger at me

turn your dreams, into realities
turn your demons, into insanity
Track Name: What a Waste
Move along
theres nothing to see

Just a pile of pieces
that used to be

Part of something
that was beautiful,

It was meaningful,
now its pitiful

and meaningless
Track Name: Can't Win
Anything I say
whatever I do,
Whichever side I take
it seems I always fucking lose

Im so sick, of trying to keep it all caged in
I used to be a part of the problem but I can't win
Im busting out of this cage,
I wanted something different but its always the same

I can't find balance,
with one arm tied behind my back
Im trying to balance the scales,
but Iv got nothing left

at the end of the day
what difference did it make
why should I waste the effort
When nothing ever fucking matters